The Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program (WPALP) held its annual recognition luncheon at the First Presbyterian Church in Hawley, PA on October 19, 2013.

Board President, Annette Petry gave the welcoming address. Fourteen new tutors were introduced to the program this year. Volunteers celebrating over fifty hours of service include Denise Dallons and Bill Moulton. Volunteers celebrating over 100 hours of service:  Helen Adams, Jim Broughton, Carol Martinkovitch, Alice Molampy, Larry Sheets, Victoria Smith, and Gloria Talman. Special recognition to Rhoda Barr with over 500 hours of service; Diane Gaffney with over 750 volunteer hours; Jean Kammer with over 1500 hours of service; and Annette Petry contributing over 2,500 volunteer hours.

Senator Lisa Baker’s office awarded the Hours Award Certificates to tutors to show appreciation and continuous support for the importance of the literacy program.

Volunteers celebrating five years of service: Midge Curreri, Sandy Meagher, and Pat Ware.

Joan Smith was named Tutor of the Year – 2013. Joan joined WPALP in the fall of 2008. She is a retired Physics teacher after seventeen years teaching in the Wayne Highlands School District.  Joan has tutored more than fifteen students in educational skills improvement for GED prep.  Her patience, perseverance, and dedication along with her expertise in basic and advanced Math is why Joan is the ideal recipient for this year’s Tutor of the Year.

WPALP Board of Directors: Annette Petry, President; Sandra Lefort, Vice President; Charles DiGiorgio, Treasurer; Ann Montgomery, Secretary. Board Members: Helen Findlay, Beverly Giblin, Laurie A. Guzda, Constance Hathaway, Jennifer Wood Kiesendahl, Priscilla L. Krum, Margie Richmond, Reverand William Samford, Art Ridge Esq, and Charles Butera.  WPALP Staff: Jacci West, Executive Director; Madeleine Coppola, Tutor Coordinator; Diane Gaffney, Office Assistant and Volunteer Tutor.

WPALP is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting adults in their endeavors to function as literate and contributing members of society.  Budget cuts from the State have been deep. The organization relies heavily on contributions. Please be generous and support WPALP with your time and/or money. For more information on Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program call 570. 253.3221.

Pictured Joan Smith Volunteer of the Year with Madeline Coppola Tutor Coordinator