Winterfest Trees for a Cause Contest

Entry form to be submitted no later than November 24th.

Download entry form here.

Everyone is invited to participate in decorating a Tree for a Cause (Cause/Charity/NonProfit). Trees will be on display at The Hawley Hub during the Hawley Winterfest December 4th – 12th. Each participant will show off their tree decorating skills and compete to raise money for their select cause. All participants are encouraged to share their tree via social media.

Official Rules:

1. One entry is allowed per individual, company, business, or organization and cause.

2. An application submitted to the Downtown Hawley Partnership no later than Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

3. Participants must provide their own tree, lights, decorations, and power extension cord.

4. Tree set-up decorating party will be Tuesday, November 30th, 5 pm – 8 pm in the Hawley Hub at 318 Main Ave, Hawley
       • This will be the only time the tree may be assembled and decorated.
       • All participants may send up to four people (total) to decorate.
       • Participants will have until 8 pm to complete their trees.
       • Music, snacks, and beverages will be provided for a fun evening!

5. Displays 
    A. trees must be:
       • Artificial and non-flammable
       • A traditional evergreen with layered branches
       • 6’ to 7.5’ feet tall

   B. Lights must be:
       • Attached to the tree (does not have to be pre-lit but no spotlights or anything not actually on the tree)
       • Lights must be UL listed
       • In good working order (please test before bringing)

  C. Decorations must be:
       • Securely attached to the tree
• Non-flammable, non-edible, and non-hazardous
• Done in good taste (please be creative and fun, but remember this is an event with children)

   D. Participants must provide one extension cord:
       • 20’ to 40’ in length
• In good condition (no frays, UL Listed)
• Everything must plug into the one extension cord
• Please label your cord

6. Participants must provide information describing their cause of choice for a sign that will be displayed with their tree.

7. In the case of lights going out on the tree during the event, staff will attempt to fix the problem and then contact the participant if they are unable to quickly solve it.

8. The Hawley Hub & The Downtown Hawley Partnership is not responsible for any loss or damage to the tree, lights, decorations, or signage, before, during, or after the event.

9. The Sponsors reserve the right to disqualify and/or remove any entry that fails to meet the standards set out in these rules or if they are determined to be improper or hazardous.

10. Participants must remove the tree and everything associated with it, December 15th between 1 pm & 7 pm

11. Companies are welcome to leave a stack of business cards with the tree.

12. Flyers or handouts for the Charity are welcome to be left with the tree.

13. VotingMain prize voting will be based on donations from viewers. The tree with the highest dollar amount donated will receive the grand prize of an additional donation to their charity/cause of choice. All donations received as votes will also be awarded to each participant’s charity as displayed.

A “Vote” can be cast in person via the donation box & envelope or via electronic payment info posted on site.

People’s Choice – Voted by “likes” on Official Facebook post

Prize – Additional donation to their cause